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ESG certification, awarded by CICA, signifies an organization’s long-term commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies. This certification acknowledges that an organization has established, implemented, and sustainably maintained its ESG processes. It evaluates an organization’s management of environmental, social, and governance issues. Once an organization complies with the defined requirements, CICA issues an ESG certificate.

Achieving ESG Certification

The certification program operates on a yearly basis and consists of Physical Audits, Remote Audits, and Documentation checks.

Benefits of ESG Certification

Compliance with CICA-ESG+ requirements recognizes an organization’s contributions to environmental preservation, social commitment, and governance compliance. It enhances the organization’s reputation and industry image while providing guidance for sustainable ESG implementation. This certification serves as a platform for stakeholders, partners, employees, suppliers, and other interested parties to align with ESG metrics. Additionally, ESG+ raises awareness within the industry about environmental stewardship beyond mere business development, promoting responsible use of natural resources. It fosters a harmonious society by benefitting nearby communities through social value-added activities and welfare support. Ultimately, adherence to statutory regulations within the ecosystem grants organizations peace of mind during business operations.